Lesjardin Del Ocean

one of the best and most beautiful hotels in Rochester, New York.

We offers great service, comfortable rooms, and all the amenities that you may want. The hotel is located in the city center and offers luxury inside with the bonus of being close to malls, gyms, restaurants, and other amenities.


Lesjardin Del Ocean is a 4-star hotel in Rochester, New York. It is one of the most luxurious and reputable hotels in the state of New York and offers all the things any guest may need. The hotel has been operational since 1990 and has become one of New York’s most visited hotels. It is a staple in Rochester and is well-known for its great service. Guests at Lesjardin Del Ocean are treated like royalty and with great respect. The hotel staff are always friendly, helpful, and attentive and always at the ready to assist in any way possible.

The Lesjardin Del Ocean hotel offers the following services:

• Luxury rooms with en-suite bathrooms
• Room service
• Turndown service
• Laundry service
• Free Wi-Fi
• 3 In-house restaurants
• Expert concierge services
• Swimming pool
• Sports courts
• In-house gymnasium
• Valet services
• Daily cleaning services
• Car wash services
• Pet sitting
• Nanny services
• Shuttle services
• Television with cable
• In-house Internet café
• Much more

At the Lesjardin Del Ocean, the guests and their satisfaction and comfort are top priority. Their service is excellent and they go out of their way to ensure that guests are comfortable and have everything they need. The hotel offers any and all comforts that guests may need. The restaurants are excellent and many locals dine there on a frequent basis. The chefs are world class and make dishes fit for a king.

The hotel is host to many events during the year. Many conferences, expos, training courses, and even concerts are held at the Lesjardin Del Ocean. For more information on these events, visit the EVENTS page of this website.

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